Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program

What is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program?

The Section 8 Program provides rental assistance to eligible families to help them afford market rate rent in a rental unit of their choosing.

How do I know if I qualify for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program?

To qualify, your household income (including everyone who will be living with you) cannot exceed the Very Low (50%) income limits for the Housing Authority to which you are applying (select a county below to see the income limits):

How do I get a Section 8 Voucher?

You must begin by filling out a complete application for the county you wish to apply in. After filling out an application your name will be placed on that Section 8 Waiting List. When your name comes near the top of the list, the Housing Authority will mail you a letter with instructions on what to do next. We will need to verify your income, family status, assets, and expenses. If you still qualify for the program at this time you will be issued a Housing Voucher. Then you are free to find a rental unit that is suitable to your family. The unit must pass federal inspection standards.

How much will I pay in rent on the Section 8 Program?

Families pay roughly 30% of their monthly adjusted gross income in rent. The Housing Authority will calculate the exact rent amount by taking into consideration the following: income from wages and other benefits, eligible child-care and medical expenses, and deductions for dependents and elderly family members.

What are the maximum rents allowed for the program?

Under this program, total housing costs cannot exceed the Payment Standards issued by the Housing Authority. Total housing costs are calculated by adding the Contract Rent charged by the owner/landlord and any utilities paid by the tenant.

How do I apply?

Click on the county you wish to live in to download an application for Housing Assistance, or contact that office to request an application be mailed to you.